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A BSc Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Online Coach. 


My goal is to help people lose weight and change their body composition in a way that is realistic for them to stick to LONG TERM, no more fad diets! I help my clients improve their relationship with food, get strong, and learn to LOVE the process so there's no going back to old ways! 

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Before I met Tamara, I was in a rut with my training and nutrition and had no knowledge of macro tracking or weight training. Over the years Tamara has educated me and taught me so much around how to train effectively and manipulate my nutrition to achieve all of my personal goals. 

Tam is the first coach I have had who genuinely cares about every single one of her clients. I always feel heard and especially supported and know that I can ask or tell Tamara absolutely anything without any judgement. She not only inspires me to push myself in the gym but also throughout the week, checking in to ensure I am on track with my goals. 

Tam is an extremely passionate and positive presence who is so much more than just a coach.




I know it sounds cliche, but Tamara has changed my life... I now have a love - not for what I see in the mirror - but for how good I feel when I move my body, a sort of love I wouldn't have been able to find without Tamara.

~ Georgia

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