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Personal Trainer | Online Coach | Nutritionist


Ever since my teenage years, I have been passionate about healthy eating and exercising.


I completed my Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Nutrition in 2017 with the intentions of becoming a clinical dietitian. Whilst completing my degree, I decided to start personal training on the side as it was a perfect opportunity to work hands on with people in the field of nutrition.


Upon commencing this part-time job, I realized just how much I LOVED working as a Personal Trainer. Working as a PT full time, I wanted to offer more than what other trainers would. I want people with their nutrition and make a difference in the 23 hours of the day they weren’t with me. This is where I began to make a real difference with my clients- not only physically but mentally too.

My own journey in Health and Fitness is one which a lot of women can relate to. I began this journey wanting to lose weight with an emphasis on “clean eating”, mainly focusing on what I couldn't eat! This lead me down the destructive path of binge eating and I had a very poor relationship with food.

Upon educating myself, I have managed to overcome this barrier, and I now know how to live a balanced lifestyle, without fear of food or guilt, this is something I craved for years. I am passionate about helping women find this sense of balance whilst achieving their body composition goals, as I know just how amazing it feels to be able to see results but still enjoy life!

My goal is to help people change their body composition in a way that is realistic for them to sustain LONG-TERM, no more quick fixes or FAD diets!

I love weight training and I apply this with my clients in and outside of the gym. I work with my clients to find exercise they actually enjoy and look forward to so they never have to dread going to the gym or completing their workouts. Technique is a huge focus of mine, which is why I love hands on training.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Nutrition) & Sports Nutrition (2022)
Competed in ICN Bikini & Fitness modelling - September 2019
Cert III & IV in Fitness
Over 7 years' Personal Training experience
Currently completing Girls Gone Strong Pre & Post-Natal course
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Tamara has a wealth of knowledge, she is understanding, organised and will absolutely get you to where you want to be in terms of fitness and nutrition.

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